Air conditioners in Israel.

When we think about summer in Israel first we feel exhausting heat that interferes with our normal life and rest. So we should be ready to this. Our air conditioners will definitely help you to succeed. You can hardly imagine your life in Israel without air conditioners. You can make this process easy and fast with SIBIR company .

We have two main business fields:

  • The installation of air conditioners;
  • The installation of floor heating systems.

Who are our clients?

We work both with individual and business customers and offer them a complex of services. Our professionally developed organization and service policy make our clients satisfied with their new climate systems.

What can we offer?

  • Climate system project management of different complexity;
  • Professional technical support and collaborative project development;
  • Installation of the equipment in shopping and business centers, factories, etc.
  • Further guaranty support of the climate systems installed;
  • Careful attention to any order;
  • Perform all kinds of the work due to set requirements, payment and time limits. SIBIR company gained confidence by perfect fulfilment of the criteria above;
  • Our trouble-free service is ensured by our work with well-formed brigades of highly-qualified specialists and specific equipment that is necessary for professional installations.


We offer you only proven global brands whose climate systems will serve you for ages. All the products are certified.   

If you want to buy air conditioner in Israel, please call us and we promise you to enjoy the summer!

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