Cost-effective air condition systems for your company

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Air conditioner engineering for new buildings.

Cost-effective air condition systems for your company

installation and service of air conditioners

Modern furniture and decent salary are not enough for fruitful work in any field. Working in unbearable exhausting environment can be a trial for your workers and a real problem on the way to effective work. This is very important in Israel where it is hot almost all year round. But you can easily solve this problem by installing cost-effective air condition systems. And SIBIR company will help you to do this. We work throughout Israel.

Today we have upgraded modern air condition systems available. To help you to choose the right model we take into consideration the most suitable place for installation in your office, its design and your financial abilities. Nowadays the air condition systems can be located on any surface: floor, ceiling, wall. Based on the above there are different types of air conditioners: hanging, closet-type, roof-type and universal. Usually for offices we install channel-type air conditioners that ventilate in four directions. Industrial and semi-industrial split system air conditioning unit is more suitable for big companies. For your convenience SIBIR company  can install any type of the necessary air conditioner.

We can offer you:

  • We consult you on any question from the very first step;
  • We will help you to choose the suitable location of your future air condition system with the help of our specialists;
  • We conclude an agreement with companies, shopping centers and contractors and offer cost calculation;
  • We design the project of your future air condition system;
  • We buy all the necessary equipment and supplies;
  • We check the right work of the installed equipment.

We can install the equipment on any stage of construction. Our specialists work professionally to the highest standards and always in time.

If you think that your office needs to have air condition system and it will affect your working efficiency, please do it now! Call us and we do all for you!

 ” SIBIR – ideal air for beautiful  life!”

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