Air condition installation

Summer in Israel equals to parching heat. And it doesn’t always bring pleasure to people. The room temperature is of particular importance. At home you want to cool down and recuperate. How can we do it today? The answer is simple – we can install the air condition system at home.

In our country this is one of the most popular equipment both in summer and in winter. SIBIR company offers you a great opportunity to install air conditioners in Israel. Why is it so important? Because you live in Israel and you can hardly live proper and healthy life without it. Why shouldn’t you use this great opportunity to buy our remarkable air condition system?!

What are our advantages?

  • We install most popular climate systems that are recommended as the best ones;
  • We offer attractive prices all year round you can choose the air conditioner due to your financial abilities;
  • We offer a complex of services on air condition installation from your first call. You will get an individual project of your air condition system and we guaranty our professional equipment installation of any complexity;
  • We install air conditioners throughout the country with the help of our highly skilled brigades who work individually with every client;
  • We install our climate systems considering the design and additional inner criteria of your house;
  • We take into consideration the availability of our clients and make the appointment for necessary measurements when it is comfortable for our clients;
  • We constantly reeducate our highly skilled staff. Their proficiency allows fulfilling any kind of necessary work in a quality manner and in good time.


The installation of air conditioners in Israel is not a luxury but a necessity! Our clients know about it and enjoy this summer with our air conditioners! Don’t hesitate, call us right now!

“SIBIR– Ideal Air for beautiful life!”

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