Floor heating systems

When you live in house or an apartment you can face the problem of cold floors. Depending of the building construction they can be cold all year round. The reason of colds is your freezing feet. Nowadays the system of floor heating serves as the best solvation to this problem. Today this system becomes part and parcel of our everyday life.

SIBIR company  specializes in this field. The heating of floors in Israel tends to be very popular when winter comes. So you need to prepare beforehand in order to enjoy your cozy and warm house where you will definitely not freeze.

There are a variety of different floor types: water-operated, electrical and infrared. Our specialist will help to choose the type especially for you. The water-operated floor heating is suitable only for private homes, the other two are universal. Notably the infrared system saves the electric energy.

  After installation of this system your benefits will be the following:

  • First and foremost you will get comfort that is guaranteed by the warming from your floor;
  • Esthetics – all the system is hidden under laminating or other type of flooring;
  • In comparison with other types of heating this type is rather cost-effective;
  • The system is easily installed and doesn’t require further technical maintenance;
  • We can install this system for any flooring type: carpet, wood, marble. And it is absolutely safe.

SIBIR company performs all kinds of the work and cooperates not only with individuals but also with contracting companies that construct residential homes, shopping and business centers. We offer you:

  • Guaranty on our production and all the types of installation;
  • Communication and cooperation with highly-qualified staff;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Officially recognized equipment that our brigade will professionally install.


We have multi- skilled and motivated professional workers in our company so any questions and problems we competently solve. Our clients in Israel trust us because our company is reliable and is known for accurate and scheduled installation.

“SIBIR – ideal air for beatuliful life!”

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